Guest Reviews

Jan Egon & John-Philipp 6-14.12.2015 GermanyGermany

"Great time with lots of fun"
We have stayed with this lovely and funny family for one week and enjoyed every moment. There are heaps of adventure and activities to have on Robyn and Malcolm’s property and surrounding. The work was very reasonable. Tasty meals and always enough! Thank you for this awesome time ;) Hope to see you again next year.                                       BR Jan & John

Tom and Hannie Butters   1.1.2016 United KingdomUnited Kingdom NetherlandsNetherlands 

 Many many thanks for the best kiwi hospitality! Your warm welcome, lovely meals, interesting tours and explanations on the farm and the area were fantastic. When we come back we will bring our wellies, knee and ankle braces so we hope to explore a bit more with you. We wish you Robyn and Malcolm lots of success with your farm in 2016. The New Year’s Eve party was an add surprise. The birds on the lawn another bonus and all the meadows with the wild flowers brought us back to our childhood. Another big thank you, Love Tom and Hannie


Els Roskam   1.1.2016NetherlandsNetherlands

For Two whole days we enjoyed the incredible hospitality of Robyn and Malcolm. Robyn’s cooking was delicious. For most I had a deep respect for the creativity of Robyn and Malcolm. I would not be able to do it!! To build a house from your own harvested tree. To make a water race so water is used to generate electricity. To get drinking water from your own stream!! It was marvellous to celebrate New Year with you and your friends with you.                                                                                                                                           Love Els

Ellis Moonen   1.1.2016 NetherlandsNetherlandsNew ZealandNew Zealand

Who knows maybe you will finish the house this year. You are the most amazing friends in hospitality enthusiasm, caring, creativity, togetherness, and I always feel part of your family like any new guests will feel. See you again in January with my sister.                                                                                                                                                                   Lots of Love Ellis xox

Ernst & Karim 4.1.206 GermanyGermany

What a lovely Place!! Excellent food and a great hospitality. We enjoyed our stay very much. Best wishes and may become all your plans true.

Stephane & Marie 24-30.1.2016  FranceFrance

Thanks a lot for being great hosts! We had a really nice stay at your place and enjoyed learning about your lifestyle. We can now play many different card games thanks to you! We won’t forget your good cook, your hospitality, and the mechanical repair on the van.  All the best for 2016!                                                                                                               Step & Marie

Lena Diepolder & Hannah Radke 1.2.2016 - 08.2.2016 GermanyGermany

Dear Robyn, Malcolm & Kyle                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Thank you for a lovely week with you in your fantastic home. The two `city girls’ learned a lot about native trees in the bush, wild animals and hay making. We really appreciate that you showed us how to drive the tractor and the digger- it was fun-and thank you for the trip to the beautiful cathedral. We enjoyed your meals and playing cards afterwards. Keep an eye on Kyle, he should not win all the time! We wish you all the best for the future and hope you for fill your plans with the farm!                                                              Cheers Hannah & Lena      

Lauren Woschee & Matt Manor 4-10.7.2016 CanadaCanada   USAUSA    

"Awesome farm off the grid!"
It was great to spend a week with Robyn and Malcolm. We enjoyed working alongside them on the farm and they were very happy to answer all our questions about farming. They were also very knowledgeable about the area and it was very interesting to learn the history. We highly recommend a stay with them!                                                                Lauren & Matt

Valentin Reichel 20-27.2.2017 GermanyGermany

Awesome first week. Thanks for the great food and the interesting activities in my free time. Always fun working with you, through all the varieties of jobs your farm has to offer. I really enjoyed my time, a great week to restore some energy and taking a deep breath from the nature around you. It felt like being at home, both you are great hosts.        Valentin   

Adam Mihalik 13-19.3.2017 USAUSA    

It’s a challenging piece of land you have here, but the challenges, the degree of degradation, creates the challenge, the engagement, I think you’ve taken to that and you’re up to the task. Land reclamation can be an expensive enterprise, but as they say, healthy land healthy profits, certain graziers have started with less and moulded it into highly productive space. From the soil up, and then there is the surrounding bush, the cultural history, the waterwheel and energy projects, (another learning curve) Thank you so much for giving me a window into what you’re are doing here and thank you also for your generosity and compassion.                                                                                                           Yours Adam